Who is Sarah? I am a Journeyer

9 06 2008
Rainbow eyelashes

Rainbow eyelashes

I am a human. I was born 46 years ago (as of August, 2008), a bundle of male joy…

who am I?

Well, “others” would say I am…

  • An outdoor skills specialist (Outdoor Rec. degree w/ Hon.)
  • A genetic male
  • A passable female
  • A father, son, husband, lover, partner – wife?
  • An SEO, content developer, communications manager, technical writer
  • A Gender Transformer (coined by my 14 year old son)
  • A mechanic and auto painter who builds cars
  • A woodworker, craftsman, artist, designer, fabricator
  • A sailor, kayaker, camper, teacher, friend
  • and more…

Who am I then? – am I defined by what I do, what I have done, where I am going? Am I defined by my family, coworkers, friends, strangers? Am I defined by my sex, age, thoughts, , beliefs, experiences, struggles, dreams, wishes, desires?

I am all of these things, labels, identities – to some extent – and none of them truly states who I am.

Who am I? How do I define myself? The primary definition is that I am me; I am a journeyer. I am singularly driven by the journey of experiences of life and living.

Life, for me, in every facet, is about the Journey – not about the destination. I would walk into fire if I thought that I could learn more and be able to share it after.

On this journey, I have owned and lived in houses; and lived in old school buses, cabins, tents and boats – in three countries. I have been married and divorced (more than once); I was adopted as a baby and have given a child up for adoption. I have wept and buried grandparents, parents and friends. I have sailed halfway around the planet, stood on the tops of mountains and the lowest place on the earth, swam in fresh water and salt from the arctic circle to the tropics. I have been in the deserts and the Arctic; climbed Mayan pyramids, walked Scottish castles, spelunked and flown aircraft. I have been many things, to many people, at different times – all of which were boxes made of paper that did not last for me.

Who am I? – I am a Journeyer.



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