Who is Sarah? I am a Journeyer


Let me introduce myself…

rainbow eyelashes

rainbow eyelashes

I am a human. I was born 46 years ago, a bundle of male joy…

who am I?

Well, others would say I am

  • An outdoor skills specialist, with a BA and Honors
  • A father, son, husband, lover, partner, wife?
  • An SEO, content developer, writer
  • A Gender Transformer (coined by my son)
  • A mechanic who builds cars
  • A woodworker, sewer, artist, designer, fabricator
  • A sailor, kayaker, teacher, friend

Who am I then? – am I defined by what I do, what I have done, where I am going? Am I defined by my family, coworkers, friends, strangers? Am I defined by my sex, gender, age, thoughts, experiences, struggles, dreams, wishes, desires?

I am all of these things, labels, identities – and none of them truly states who I am.

Who am I? How do I define myself? The primary definition is that I am me. I am a journeyer. I am singularly driven by The Journey. Life, for me, in every facet is about the Journey; not about the destination.

On this journey, I have owned and lived in houses; and lived in old school buses, cabins and tents. I lived in an ex-commune that still functioned as one. I have been married and divorced (more than once); I was adopted and have given a child up for adoption. I have wept and buried grandparents, parents and friends. I have sailed halfway around the planet, stood on the tops of mountains and some of the lowest places on the earth. I have been in the deserts and the Arctic; climbed Mayan pyramids, walked Scottish castles, spelunked and flown aircraft. I have been many things, to many people, at different times – all of which were boxes made of paper. To really know me is to accept that life is a journey, to be shared.

I am a Journeyer.

4 responses

18 12 2008

Dear Sarah, I am quite honored to make your acquaintance. I will not say I understand now for I do not believe we ever understand. I also am on a FOOLS Journey, sometimes I want to know where that is leeding at other times I am content with the ‘ride’. You also seem to be very interested in the ‘ride’ being your love of vehicles. Several of your interests brought some fond memories.
The 292 straight 6 engine is a reminder of my short stint as a production worker in the Chevy 6 cyclinder manufacturing plant in Flint, Michigan circa 1966. Then ‘uncle’ invited me to his war in SE Asia and I ended up in Okinawa riding around the island in a Land Rover one of my friends bought. I am looking foward to meeting soon. XOXO luv, K

25 08 2009

Hi Sarah
I’m enjoying your posts very much – thanks for your support and feedback. I read somewhere that you’re CDN – me too (B.C.) Your post on your HRT experience was unusually informative (not all the usual HRT stuff) and fun to read. Brielle

13 11 2010
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21 05 2011
The Journey Continues… « Sarah’s Journey Weblog

[…] Who is Sarah? I am a Journeyer […]

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